Vintage sheet music Rose

The newest addition to my Etsy store.. Rose made from Vintage music sheets…I purchased some vintage music sheets from a fellow Etsian  and made a rose..It could make a beautiful Valentine Gift..


Merry Christmas !!!!

Why not celebrate Christmas with a homemade Plum cake from the best Plum cake Recipe that I have come across. I have made this quite a few times now and it has never let me down.  You must be wondering whether  I have stopped crafting and started  cooking blog… No. the Picture of the Plum cake that I made still has a handcrafted clay Hibiscus .. Though the clay Hibiscus is not edible ,still makes a great cake topper. .. May be make a clay Poinsettia next time..

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Welcome to My Blog !

Welcome to my blog! Today, I launched my site !! …finally!! I never thought I could really spend time on things which I love most in my life, much less publishing a site…As an added  bonus, today, I sold my first flower online!!