Passionate about Peonies or Pink ..

I love Peonies.. The first project of the C 3 series is the Bouquet and I decided to make a bouquet of Peonies with varying shades of pink..Here is the final outcome…


Clay Flower Arrangements !!

Happy New Year !!


Welcome 2011…

2010 was a great year and Hope 2011 would be even better…

I have submitted the 3 components required for the Claycraft by Deco Certification and am waiting the reviews of the examination pieces.. The pic above is my tall vase arrangement which consists of Peonies, roses,orchids,calla lillies , daisies and the magnolias..too bad if I forget to mention the Anthurium.

For the theme project I  decided on Pooh bear and Friends . I had seen some pics of cakes with fondant pooh bear and thought why can’t I make  them in clay.. My son’s Pooh bear books and soft toys all helped me in completing this piece. Both my kids were super excited to see me making each figurine …

Pooh bear and friends Cake Topper …all in clay and not fondant.

Christmas Gifts for my son’s Pre school Teachers

My son started his preschool this October and he loves the school  and his teachers..The teachers there do a wonderful job taking care of these 3 and 4 yr olds.. So I thought of making some small arrangements for his teachers to give as Christmas gifts..Here are the pics of some clay flower arrangements.

Fall is here….

Love the Fall Colors..The shedding of the leaves during the months of October-November is preceded by a spectacular color show.. A mixture of Yellow,Gold,Orange,Red,brown and may be a few Greens…

My clay flower wreath in autumn colors…

Clay Flower Arrangement

Here is the clay flower arrangement I made for my friend’s Birthday.It consists of few yellow roses,Hydrangea and Stephanotis.


Today I made Daisies in few different colors and couple of English Roses.Now I think Iam getting better making Roses .Even after making more than 15 -20 roses,still I have not made a Rose that I truly like.

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