Passionate about Peonies or Pink ..

I love Peonies.. The first project of the C 3 series is the Bouquet and I decided to make a bouquet of Peonies with varying shades of pink..Here is the final outcome…


Clay Flower Arrangements !!

Roses are Red….

Roses are Red,

Violets are blue.



I am in the mood for making some Red Roses…May be b’coz it is nearing Valentines Day…

Rose made from red crepe paper..

The pic of the rose that I listed in my Etsy store…

The Rose made from Vintage music sheets that was listed in my store is sold..a B’day gift ..

I probably should make more of these ūüôā

Vintage sheet music Rose

The¬†newest addition to my Etsy store.. Rose made from Vintage music sheets…I purchased some vintage music sheets from a fellow Etsian¬† and made a rose..It could make a beautiful Valentine Gift..

Paper Roses

Some of my most realistic looking Paper Roses made from Coffee Filters .. . Even though it is  very time consuming ,I absolutely love making new color combinations and it is well worth the effort.

Drop in a line if you would like to purchase any of these handmade Roses..


Happy New Year !!


Welcome 2011…

2010 was a great year and Hope 2011 would be even better…

I have submitted the 3 components required for the Claycraft by Deco Certification and am waiting the reviews of the examination pieces.. The pic above is my tall vase arrangement which consists of Peonies, roses,orchids,calla lillies , daisies and the magnolias..too bad if I forget to mention the Anthurium.

For the theme project I¬† decided on¬†Pooh bear and Friends . I had seen some pics of cakes with fondant pooh bear and thought why can’t I make¬† them in clay.. My son’s Pooh bear books and soft toys all helped me in completing this piece. Both my kids were super excited to see me making each figurine …

Pooh bear and friends Cake Topper¬†…all in clay and not fondant.

Crepe Paper Flowers for Bonbonerie boxes

Recently I recieved an Etsy convo for some Crepe paper flowers in baby pink and with¬†black center . And this is to be shipped to Australia. In my Etsy store even though I had mentioned that I ship only in US,¬†Reiannan¬†contacted me saying that she liked the crepe paper peonies that I have listed in my Etsy store¬†and that if I could make something similar but smaller so she can attach them to the bonbonerie boxes.. She sent a pic of the wedding cake which had ¬†babypink flowers with black centers and she wanted the crepe paper flowers to match the cake flowers. I love making flowers and so couldn’t say no¬† and made a sample¬† flower.. So then she placed the order for 115 flowers..Some pics of the flowers are here.. And hopefully she will send the pics of these flowers on the Bonbonerie boxes …

Jan 10- I received a convo from Reiannan as soon as she got the parcel.She wrote”I received my amazing parcel today, many many thanks for all your help. They are just stunning, made to perfection. Great seller. look forward to future business. ”

Thanks Reiannan for the order and Hope you have a Great event!!

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