Today I made Daisies in few different colors and couple of English Roses.Now I think Iam getting better making Roses .Even after making more than 15 -20 roses,still I have not made a Rose that I truly like.


Claycraft by Deco

I was so excited this morning that I would get 4 hrs to  work with clay and also that I would be making a Teddy bear.Was not sure how it would turn out but am happy with the final outcome. Not bad for a first try.The Daffodils also came out well but I think I need more practice making Daisies. I am getting addicted to this clay.Kneading the clay and then rolling into tiny balls and making petals and forming each flower. Looks like I can use any number of hours  making flowers…

Deco Clay flower Pictures

Here are the pictures of two projects made of Deco clay.  One is a mirror surrounded by light pink roses and light yellow cherry blossoms.

The other is a wreath with roses and shells, even the wreath is made of clay.I wish I had chosen another color for the wreath.